Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is coming up on the 31st of March and I am really hoping that the weather has improved by then! It seems so late in the year to be having snow, but then England does like to surprise us when it comes to the weather!

If you are planning an Easter Egg hunt then we have lots of products you might be interested in – suitable for use both outside and inside if you don’t want to brave the freezing temperatures!

Our plastic fillable eggs come in packs of ten and can be filled with anything you like…

plastic fillable eggs

Then we have our glittery fillable eggs which are extra appealing to little girls! These come in packs of six and again you can fill with anything you like…

glittery fillable eggs

Then of course you need a bucket to collect the eggs in…

easter plastic bucket

You can view all of these in our Easter Egg Hunt section which is where you can also find little favours to put in the eggs.

If you are arranging an Easter Egg Hunt then don’t forget to send us in your photos!


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