Adult Photo Props

Here are the photo props that are best suited to adults, although of course they can be used for anyone!

First of all we have the Award Night Photo Prop…

Award Night Photo Prop

Followed by the Gangster Photo Prop…

Gangster Photo Prop

The Headless Horseman Photo Prop…

Headless Horseman Photo Prop

The Jail Photo Prop…

Jail Photo Prop

The Horse Racing Photo Prop…

Horse Racing Photo Prop

The Million Dollar Smile Photo Prop….

Million Dollar Smile

The Masterpiece Smile Photo Prop…

Masterpiece Smile Photo Prop

The Medieval Stock Photo Prop…

Medieval Stockade Photo Prop

The Mug Shot Photo Prop…

Mug Shot Photo Prop

And the Presidential Mountain Photo Prop…

Presedential Mountain Photo Prop

And for more photo fun we also sell a photo booth pack which contains everything you need to make your photos more exciting.

Photo Booth Pack

You can view our full photo prop range here – Photo Props


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