I absolutely love Halloween.

It’s a good reason to dress up and have a party, no matter what age you are.

My little girl was born on the 1st of November which means that she can have a Halloween themed birthday party every year, or until she tells me she has had enough and doesn’t want to dress up as a witch anymore!

One thing that every party needs is cake, and I have been doing some practicing today, well there are only 27 days to go!

I decided to make some spider cakes, the eyes need some improvement and next time I will use one big chocolate button instead of three little ones but with A LOT more practice, and a lot more taste sampling, I will get there!

Halloween Spider Cakes

Here are my spider cakes sitting on some Gruesome Group tableware….

Halloween tableware

Here they are sitting on our Halloween Cupcake Stand

Halloween Cupcake Stand

Here is one sitting in a Happy Halloween Cupcake Case….

Halloween Cupcake Cases

Here is one sitting in a Halloween Cupcake Case

Halloween Cupcake Cases

And why not set the scene with some spider confetti?!

Halloween Spider Confetti

Or some Gruesome Group tableware

Halloween Tableware

We sell an enormous range of Halloween party supplies so if you are planning an event, no matter how big or small, you will really enjoy browsing through the Halloween section on our main site.


2 responses to “Halloween

  1. I love Halloween it’s a great time when you see those smiles on the kids faces is it fear or happiness when they see themselves in the mirror hehe 😉 lovely for your daughter having a theme every year 😉 x

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