Cake Time!

I love cake.

I rarely go a day without eating cake of some kind, I even have a recipe for breakfast cake as I like to eat it first thing in the morning with a cup of tea.

This week I tried a new recipe that I found on Pinterest. The original can be found here – Cinnamon Roll Cake.

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest then it’s basically a visual collection of links to fabulous things on the internet including recipes, craft ideas and photo inspiration. Party Packs have now joined so if you would like to follow us then here is the link to our profile – Party Packs on Pinterest. If you need an invite to join then please leave a comment below and I will send you one.

So back to the cake!

The original recipe was for one big cake but I wanted to make cupcakes so I reduced the cooking time and temperature a little bit.

I also left off the glaze at the end as I thought they tasted better without it so I just sprinkled them with icing sugar instead.

They basically turned out like little cupcakes with a cinnamon middle and I have to say that they are quite possibly the most amazing cakes I have ever tasted! My two taste tasters agreed with me as well so if you like cinnamon then I would definitely suggest trying these cakes!

Now for the photos!

I used the Horse and Vintage Rose Cupcake Cases in these photos but we sell 42 other types as well as a large range of cake accessories so you should be able to find a theme to suit your tea party!

And if you aren’t one for baking then you could always fill a chocolate egg stand instead!


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